8 Ways to Skip SEO and Still Promote Your Website

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Is website traffic becoming an issue? Every online company needs to have strong web traffic to maintain success. But doing so requires extensive digital marketing.
Not everyone has time to learn SEO techniques. And not everyone has the budget to hire an SEO specialist.

So how do you increase web traffic without SEO?

Well, you don’t need SEO to generate a strong online presence and brand awareness. And oftentimes, these strategies work just as well and even better than classic SEO marketing.
Here are 8 ways you can promote your website without the use of SEO. Anyone can use these tips and achieve web traffic — even if you’re not a digital marketing expert.

Join Social Media and Website Groups

When people think of social media marketing, they picture promotion and other marketing strategies.
They forget about the ‘social’ aspect of social media. Meeting and interacting with others. Engaging with social media users. This key feature of social media can help boost web traffic while making a new business connection.

The easiest way to promote your website is by joining groups. Social media websites such as Facebook and LinkedIn are a great way to find like-minded colleagues and customers.
If you have no luck with social media groups, search blogging communities such as Tumblr and Medium.


Wouldn’t you love an SEO service where you paid a small amount and they did the work for you? Unfortunately, SEO specialists usually don’t work like that. But you can always order traffic via our platform or Google AdWords.

You have many ways to buy ads. The most basic way is using social media channels such as Facebook.
They have an easy platform to create an ad and will boost your ad based on your intended audience. If you want your website to gain more search engine traffic, use Google AdWords. However, this will require a little keyword research.

Affiliate Marketing

Are you a professional blogger? Or are you an eCommerce brand? Both will benefit from affiliate marketing. For bloggers, you receive free products from certain brands.
You use content creation to boost these brands and their products. You’re usually given a discount code your followers can use to order the products. You receive a commission of the sale.
If you’re an eCommerce brand, open your company to affiliates. You can promote your website and you’re only paying a small amount.

Always promote your collaborators on your social media channel. This will strengthen your relationship and will give you both more exposure.

Viral Content Buzz Community

Are you not good at optimizing SEO but you still create your own content? Here’s a way to boost your content without the help of SEO. Viral Content Buzz Community awards you for promoting content that others have created.

Each time you post someone’s content, you get points. When you receive enough points, your content will be shared.
The best way to share this content is on your social media channels. You don’t need any specific promotion tricks or strategies — just share the content with friends and receive the posts.

Get Involved in Forums

Similar to social media and blogging groups, forums provide a way to connect with like-minded individuals.
There are forums such as Reddit that offer many different types of topics and conversations. However, you can’t just start a new thread and promote your website.
Become engaged with the forum. Find a topic that fits with the niche of your website.

When you meet more friends or become more comfortable with the members, you can start promoting your website. Who knows, maybe the forum members will see you as a reliable source.

Include Your Website in All Marketing

Whether you send lots of emails or pass out lots of business cards, never forget to include your website link.
Your link could be in your email signature or under your name on your business card. Your website URL can also be a handy social media tool — share any new website posts or updates on your social media channels.

The best way to increase web traffic is making your website easily accessible.

People don’t want to search for your website. Let people know if they can find you, they can find your website.

Utilize Guest Posts

The easiest way to expand your brand without doing SEO is guest posting. What is guest posting?
This is when you’re writing an article on someone else’s’ website and linking to your own. You get the exposure you need by using the host website’s traffic.
Are you not a writer or content creator? Utilize a content creation service.

Open Your Website for Press

What’s the easiest way to get free exposure? Utilize the press. Someone from a reputable publication, blog, or podcast interviews you or has you on their show as a guest.
These publications have their own following, and the people tuning in will become more interested in your brand.

Receiving press doesn’t have to be a full in-depth interview. Maybe a journalist is writing an article about your business niche and needs a quote. Provide a quote.
The journalist will reference you and your company, giving you more promotion.

Getting press attention also gives you authority. Your customers and followers see you’re getting exposure from major publications and will see you as a leading figure in your industry.

Golden Keyword Method

This is a great method for sites with no SEO budget but access to a paid tool or free trial such as SEMrush or Ahrefs.

You essentially look at your competitors top ranking keywords and use the filters to find

  • a low difficulty rating 0 to 1
  • word count of 5 – 20 (long tail keyword)
  • search volume of 150 – 1000

Once you have a list of keywords open up Google and type “allintitle: KEYWORD” – keyword being the keyword you found.

Any results with less than 10 pages is a golden keyword. This means the chances of you ranking in the top 10 with no backlinks is almost guaranteed.

Create a 1000 / 2000 word post with your GK in the post / page title with good on page SEO.

Time to Promote Your Website Without SEO

SEO is a complicated marketing strategy and it’s always changing.

Fortunately, you can host a successful website without using SEO. You’ll have to work harder making more personable connections and engaging with like-minded individuals in your niche. This will help strengthen your brand.

There are several ways to increase web traffic without SEO. You just have to be creative and make good business connections.

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