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12 Adult SEO Tips for Adult Websites

Mark West
August 8, 2020

Finding it hard to drive traffic to your adult website?

You are not alone, Adult SEO (search engine optimization) is one of the hardest and most competitive niches online.

Updated: September 3rd 2020

This article does not contain every adult SEO method.

Instead we have a list of 12 adult SEO and non SEO methods which should help increase your adult traffic.

These are proven methods which many of the top adult sites are already using to drive more visitors and revenue to their websites.

In this guide you will learn

In the US, revenue from the sexual wellness niche is estimated to grow to $52 billion by 2020. Each month, the adult industry sites drive more traffic than Amazon, Twitter and Netflix combined.
Considering how lucrative this industry is, if you do adult SEO right, you'll be laughing all the way to the bank.

The challenge is figuring out the best adult SEO tactics. You need to get targeted adult traffic with a high conversion rate. Not just any website traffic.

Traditional organic traffic can be difficult and slow, buying traffic to your website could be costly if not done correctly.

Here are eight tips to help you promote adult related content.

1. Adult SEO vs Regular SEO

Both adult and regular SEO follow the same basic principles

  • Good keyword research
  • Relevant back links
  • Good user experience

The difference with adult SEO is creating content that other websites want to share.

This is why adult seo is very difficult, in order to get strong backlinks you will need to think out of the box.

Here is a great example from earlier this year you may have seen.

casino seo

Meet the gamer campaign went viral earlier this year showing what would happen to an avid gamer who spent all day inside on his computer.

It went viral and was picked up by almost every major news site and shared thousands of times on social media platforms, you may have even shared it yourself (I know I did).

Its what every marketer dreams of when they hit that post button.

What many people don't know is this "study" was actually created by a great SEO agency named Rise at Seven.

Their client is an online casino which is a notoriously difficult adult niche to rank for.

Getting a piece of content for an casino to go viral would require some smart marketing which is exactly what they did.

The study the created hit all the right notes to go viral

  • During the corona virus (many people stuck inside on computers)
  • We all know someone who loves games (encourages you to share)
  • There is some truth to it (encourages you to read)

So how well did this adult SEO campaign do for their client?

Adult SEO campaign

Links gained after the study went viral

You can see shortly after the post when viral their client went from 270 referring domains to 800.

That's new links from hundreds of high authority news outlets and blogs from all around the world, all linking back to their clients website.

Adult seo traffic increase

Traffic shot up as the links starting to come in

Here we can see the pay off - with those extra 500 links gained from the campaign going viral we can see an increase in traffic from 2,500 to over 10,000 organic adult visitors.

For an online casino that increase must have surely brought in a whole lot of revenue.

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2. Mobile First SEO

Adult Mobile Visitor Stats

Adult websites are most popular with mobile devices, your website or app must be designed with a mobile first focus.

In 2017, a quarter of a billion people were projected to access porn content. All through mobile devices. Moreover, 1 in 5 mobile searches is for pornography.
Therefore, your site should be highly mobile optimized.

In fact, Google has now made mobile-friendly sites a ranking factor. Apply this, to help your site rank high in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).
What do you do to optimize your site to be 100% adult mobile site friendly?

There's no limit to what you can do. Consistently improving your sites' mobile friendliness is vital. Start with these critical steps:

  1. Avoid Java or Flash
  2. Use drop-down menus
  3. Keep your site's layout simple
  4. Utilize a minimalistic design to eliminate clutter
  5. Use large fonts, so visitors don't need to zoom in
  6. Avoid pop-up windows (return visitors are better than one time visitors)

Continually test the overall performance of your website and adopt any new improvements. Make sure your content is easy to navigate and loads fast on mobile devices.
But it's not just mobile.

Mobile adult video chat is projected to have a 25 percent compound annual growth rate. That will make it a significant component of the larger online video traffic. Online video traffic will make up 82 percent of all consumer internet traffic by 2020.

Therefore, your videos should be optimized for mobile viewing.

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3. Search Intent

You can't get organic adult traffic if you don't know what people are searching for.

Consistently research on key search terms. Keep up to date on exactly what type of content people want. Make sure your site has such content and features the particular keywords.

Here are a few notable areas:

Free Material

9 out of 10 internet porn users are only interested in the free material. Feature free material to pull in such users. The adult traffic generated can make your pay content visible to paying users.

Downloadable Content

24 percent of Smartphone owners have pornographic material on their phones. Hence, your site can include downloadable material to fulfill this need.


Pornography makes up 69 percent of pay-per-view internet content. Having such a payment plan will certainly serve those looking for that option.

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4. Copy The Competition

Top landing pages SEMrush
What if you could get an inside view of your competitors traffic? Their top landing pages? Their top keywords? Their best back links?

Well thanks to platforms such as SEMrush this is entirely possible.

SEMrush let you enter your competitors URL and get all the juicy information needed to get a better understanding on how exactly they are doing compared to you.

This is key to dominating your niche and staying ahead in the adult SEO world.


14 Day SEMrush Trial - Guru Plan (50 Projects)

Cancel At Any Time!

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5. Market Research

Know who wants your content. Then target your adult site marketing efforts at the right people.
Here are a few pointers to help you:

  1. Higher porn site subscriptions come from urban areas, compared to rural areas
  2. More subscriptions come from people in households with higher than average incomes
  3. Locations with many 15- to 24-year-olds have higher subscriptions
  4. More subscriptions come from people with undergraduate degrees

By understanding your target users, you can present content which they like. Hence, they'll pick your site when searching for pornographic material.

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6. Long Tail Keywords Work

This is an SEO tactic that applies to any type of site - not just adult SEO.

And it works.

Long tail keywords don't have incredibly huge monthly searches. However, they have minimal competition. Just imagine targeting a keyword found only in a handful of other websites.
How do you find such keywords?

To do this, you have to think like your typical user. What would they search when looking for porn? What unique preferences do they have?

What types of fantasies do they crave? What kind of experience are they looking for?

Every user has a unique perspective. So, even if they may search for the same thing, they'll do it in different ways. For instance, ladies may be more inclined to romantic themes compared to men.

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7. Onsite Adult SEO

Onsite SEO is a key area you must never neglect. Everything else you do outside your site will go to waste if your site isn't adult SEO optimized.
Here are the key areas to improve onsite SEO:

Unique and Quality Content

There's a whole lot of porn online. In fact, porn makes up 5-15 percent of all websites. Therefore, to stand out among them, your site must have quality, original content.
In simple terms, never plagiarize.

Optimize for Target keywords

Your content should contain target keywords, as well as LSI keywords. Such keywords should also be in the URL, meta title, and meta description. You can also use ahrefs or semrush to check what your competitors are ranking for and which keywords have the least difficulty. Using SEMrush you can compare your content to your competitors and find out just what you are missing, SEMrush will highlight keywords currently being used by your competitors that you are missing, they will also provide a niche list of back links that you are missing compared to them.

Optimize Your Images

Your images shouldn't be too heavy to load. Also, include target keywords in image titles and ALT text. Better yet, include a keyword-rich description for every image or gallery. Image SEO works very well in 2018 and especially with Bing image search.

Perform A Full Site Audit

SEMrush has the ability to scan your website for SEO errors & offer improvements, make sure all your pages fully optimized.

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8. Adult Social Media

Social Media sites such as Reddit have a lot of NSFW (Not Safe For Work) boards which allow users to submit links to their videos, this is a great source for free adult traffic. You can also use twitter, however be careful with the type of content you tweet, Remember to mark your account as NSFW to avoid reports. Another huge social media platform for adult content was Tumblr however they recently decided on closing down all adult related blogs.

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9. How To Build Adult Backlinks

A good thing about having many porn sites online is the opportunity to get backlinks. Especially since many other sites won't place links to porn sites.

Reach out to other adult niche webmasters. Offer to write guest posts for them. In return, you'll get backlinks to your site.

Upload content to larger tube websites using your website address as a water mark in the video, if the user likes the video they may visit your website.

Remember, this will only work if you target high-authority sites. Google values backlinks from high-authority sites much more than spammy websites.

Therefore, always make a prior evaluation of the websites you wish to guest post in.

Use a platform like ahrefs to find where your competitors are getting their links from.

The External back link tool to find links, we recommend sorting them by link type and platform.

This way you can find easy wins such as blogs, adult directories, adult webmaster forums etc.

Find Adult SEO Links With Ahrefs

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10. Keep Creating Content

Consistent new content creation can help boost your site's ranking. It will also contribute to users coming back to your site for more content. They are also likely to subscribe to your site.
The content you put up should be based on your target users' interests.

Most of all, your content should be captivating and engaging. This will reduce your site's bounce rate, which affects ranking.

More content also creates an opportunity to use a variety of keywords. This expands your potential to derive adult web traffic through search engines.

11. Out Source Your Adult SEO

Although you can do adult SEO on your own, it might not be as effective as a professional service. Professionals have experience in utilizing multiple strategies and techniques. They understand what works, how and why.

Doing it on your own will require continuous trial and error. This will significantly reduce efficiency and effectiveness.

You could also use services like Ahrefs to view the back links of your competitors and try to build up a clearer picture on how they are doing it.

12. Buy Adult Visitors

buy adult traffic Advertising on major adult related websites seems to be the most common way many webmasters use to increase visitors, the key with buying adult traffic is getting repeat visitors.

Many adult websites rely on AD views to create revenue and if your paying for visitors then its going to be difficult to make every hit return some sort of profit.

Making sure your visitor has a good experience is key to this, fast loading media, no intrusive pop ups or redirects and giving them the content they want without having to dive through too many hoops is ideal.

If your website has a catchy brand or logo then that's even best because most visitors could be browsing your website in "Private" mode meaning they will have no history of your website address.

If you are interested in buying adult traffic, We currently have access to over 160 million adult visitors a month on our network, all adult web visitors are generated via pop under advertising.

We display our clients website to visitors surfing our network of publisher sites (other adult related sites) and use contextual and geo targeting to try best match a visitor to your content.

Buying traffic for your website is simple and fast, for many adult webmasters its the best way to get those repeat visitors and much needed ad-revenue.

Final Thoughts

Adult SEO is hard, really hard. If you have never ranked a website before I would strongly recommend trying a different niche. You wont be able to do traditional outreach and turning a profit without over loading your website with ADS and redirects is an art in itself. Focusing on adult social visitors may be your best approach when starting out, keep the website light with minimum ads until you are getting a few hundred visitors per day. Follow the big adult social accounts and try and build a brand.


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  1. Great advice. I have struggled for years in this area and found SEO to be the best method while learning how to use the PAID traffic sites within the adult traffic industry.

  2. How would you do keywords for gallery postings? Say for sites that ask for 6 pictures and a preview video? I will most likely then have a link to the product content and then a link to sign up for our newsletter for a free download every Friday. Question is, how would I KEYWORD pages like this? (search engine traffic is of a secondary benefit on these particular pages and they should not override any main pages with primary keywords, I would think) - Should I use the main keywords on the site, or go for keywords like sexy, or sexy blonde, or things that are related, but not directly?

  3. This article is something that will really add value to my new website, I will do the on page SEO, but I need a way to get a faster results on Google 1st page for my targeted keywords,
    Please am interested on your Adult SEO professionals service, can you send me a link to your pricing page?
    Thanks again what this amazing article

  4. adult seo is so dam hard, I really feel like I should sell my site. 0 Visitors from google, I have to post on twitter and reddit for traffic but its hard work as accounts are banned.

  5. Adult SEO is very challenging. We are making some progress, but it is slow. lol. This article was pretty helpful though. Thank you for the information.

  6. we are just launching a site similar to Onlyfans, and this article has all the beginning and basic steps for such websites, great work!

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