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Buying Traffic Reviews

Are you looking to advertise your website online by buying traffic? Our team receive hundreds of questions daily such as; What is the best site to buy website traffic from? Is it a good idea to buy traffic for a website? It can be a daunting task, especially for those who are new to online

SimilarWeb Vs SEMrush
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SimilarWeb vs SEMrush Traffic Analytics: Comparing These Digital Marketing Platforms

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission with no additional cost incurred to you.  Sixty-eight percent of online experiences start with a search engine. More than 53 percent of all website traffic originates with Google search. And SEO

Making money on fiverr
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How To Make Money on Fiverr

What is fiverr? is a platform that lets you sell gigs to people all over the internet. What are Gigs? They are small jobs that you hire someone to complete. It could be creating a blog post, a graphic, video or even hiring someone to perform SEO. fiverr originally only let you provide services

covid 19 banwidth
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COVID-19 Web Traffic Statistics

The impact of COVID19 on bandwidth usages is particularly noticeable when it comes to video streaming. Traditionally video streaming on sites such as YouTube peak in the evening as people come home from work but, due to people being told to work from home all over the globe, YouTube is noticing video streaming increasing steadily

mobile devices from 1980 to 2019
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What Percentage of Internet Traffic Is Mobile in 2020?

The first generation (1G) of mobile connectivity was introduced all the way back in 1979 in Tokyo, Japan by Nippon Telegraph and Telephone (NTT). 1G had poor coverage and because different systems used different frequencies it was not possible to have compatibility between different operators. 2G, launched in 1991 in Finland gave transfer speeds of

types of online advertising
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9 Types of Online Advertising

There are 1.7 billion websites on the internet servicing just over 3 billion users across the globe. Taking those numbers at face value, you’re looking at 1.5 users per site. That’s some serious competition. In today’s digital age, marketing your website is every bit as important as creating the content. I know what you’re thinking

how to retarget visitors
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Easy Guide To Remarketing

Has it ever seemed as though Google can read your mind? One minute, you’re shopping online for a new pair of black sneakers. Then, you change websites or start scrolling social media. As if by magic, there’s an advertisement for the same shoes you were just looking at! No, it isn’t clairvoyance It’s remarketing. While it’s

check website traffic free online
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How To Check Website Traffic For FREE | Traffic Estimator

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission with no additional cost incurred to you. Today we are reviewing free traffic checker services. Ever wondered just how well your competitors site is doing? Are they getting more visitors than

beginners guide to SEO

Beginner’s Guide to SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Ask the average marketer what strategies they use to boost their company’s presence on search engines, and they’ll probably answer: “Blogging”. But SEO deals with plenty of other factors apart from blogging; in fact, if you simply publish a blog post a week, and leave it at that, we can guarantee that this will not

beginners guide to facebook ad
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The Beginner’s Guide To Facebook Ads

How much more website traffic could you actually be getting to your website? If you think that Facebook advertising is an industry trend that you don’t really need, think again. Sure, you have a company Facebook page and you promote your content on a weekly basis, but that just isn’t enough. 60 million businesses have a

organic seo vs inorganic

Inorganic vs Organic SEO: What’s the Difference?

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission with no additional cost incurred to you. It doesn’t matter if you’re a blogger just starting to monetize your website or the digital marketing specialist at a large company. Search engine

how to drive traffic to your site
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How to Drive Traffic to Your Website

One of the biggest challenges blog owners, marketers and webmasters face is trying to attract more visitors to their website. This month we reached out and asked over 20 experts for their top tip in helping you increase website traffic.
Do you have any top marketing tips to help increase visitors? Use our comment section at the bottom to share with the traffic masters community.

adult seo

Adult SEO Tips to Boost Traffic to Your Site

In the US, revenue from the sexual wellness niche is estimated to grow to $52 billion by 2020. Each month, the adult industry sites drive more traffic than Amazon, Twitter and Netflix combined. Considering how lucrative this industry is, if you do adult SEO right, you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank. The challenge is

visual ads to increase visitors
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Why You Should Use Visuals in Your Digital Ads

Digital Marketing Platforms and Effective Technology Promotion With 93 percent of consumers saying that images affect their buying habits, it’s apparent that visuals are an important part of the buying and selling process. No matter what industry you’re in, the visual components of your ads will influence your audience one way or another. You need to have

content hacks
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Content Hacks to Help Drive Traffic to Your Website

Have you checked how much web traffic you get? Not enough traffic means low visibility and this leads to low conversions. That’s bad for business. Google updates its complex algorithms on a regular basis. There was an update released this December. Despite this, learning how to drive traffic all boils back down to one thing: quality

how to skip seo

8 Ways to Skip SEO and Still Promote Your Website

Is website traffic becoming an issue? Every online company needs to have strong web traffic to maintain success. But doing so requires extensive digital marketing. Not everyone has time to learn SEO techniques. And not everyone has the budget to hire an SEO specialist. So how do you increase web traffic without SEO? Well, you

how to make viral content
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How to Create Sharable Content that Will Drive Website Traffic

It’s official. You keep hearing the phrase “content is king” but how do you get there? Where do you start? First, ask yourself these simple questions: What inspires you to share content online? What do you share? Blog posts, videos, or slideshows? How do you find content that you want to share? How easy is it

longtail keywords

How To Use Longtail Keywords To Get More Web Traffic

How do you improve your ranking? Well, that in effect, is what a good search engine optimization strategy is all about. The main weapons in a good search engine optimization arsenal are large amounts of high quality content and strongly, relevant links with other websites. Although not the most difficult things to accomplish, these things