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We have direct access to millions of visitors daily thanks to our large publisher network. When you buy traffic for your website on our network we serve your page directly to these visitors using selective targeting. Our network includes webmasters, social media influencers, mobile app developers, tier two search engines, local ISPs and domain registrars.

Simply enter your advertising details into our order form on the right and our platform will handle the rest! Your account and campaign will be created and sent directly to your inbox. Your advertising campaign will then be placed into a queue to be reviewed and approved by our account managers.

Your website will only be displayed to visitors you target and our client dashboard grants you full control over your advertising campaigns. Buying website traffic has never been easier, get started today!

About Traffic Masters

We are an online advertising agency with over 10 years experience that provides an easy solution for those looking to increase their visitors by allowing you buy website traffic with a few simple clicks. We give you direct access to the millions of real visitors currently browsing websites, apps and social media platforms via our large and extensive network. Your website will be displayed directly to visitors that you target only.

Founded in 2008 – Traffic Masters is a global leader in providing targeted pop under, social, mobile and adult advertising to thousands of clients daily. We pride ourselves on constantly growing our network to include every niche, location and platform currently available online.

Over 600 Different Targeting Options

Fast Campaign Approvals

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They helped me out with my mobile app promoting it to the right people. really helped get it off the ground, thank guys
Janesse Donovan
Janesse Donovan
I've been a reseller for a few months now, nice way to earn some extra cash on the side. Thanks guys
Henry A. Schuster
Henry A. Schuster
Ordered on a Saturday evening and had visitors flowing in sharing my blog post within a few hours, thanks a lot!
Brad Cherundolo
Brad Cherundolo
easy advertising platform to use, if you ever need help setting up your campaign they can assist you pretty quickly
Dennis I. Williams
Dennis I. Williams
Great platform to promote my blog, been using traffic masters for several years to help drive up my visitor rate
Christopher Harris
Christopher Harris

Why Buy Website Traffic?

Targeted advertising can greatly increase your chance of reaching new customers and expand your website and brand.  Speak to one our members of support and learn how our platform can help you increase your website visitors today!

Adult Traffic

Target visitors surfing on adult related websites and networks. These visitors are for any advertisers looking to promote content that is not suitable for under 18s.

Alexa Traffic

Improve your websites rank by boosting your visitor rate from desktop and mobile devices that are alexa friendly and have their toolbar installed.

Mobile Traffic

Mobile advertising has over taken 50% of all digital AD spending. Tap into our cell network and target visitors from iOS and Android.

Regular Traffic

A mix of both desktop and mobile devices, target your visitors by location, state and demographic. Visits are served via full page pop under advertising.

Social Traffic

Thanks to our network of social influencers we can now directly target visitors from platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, Reddit and StumbleUpon.  

Premium Traffic

Similar to our regular visitors only using our more advanced AD servers. Fully registered in Google Analytics and other third party tracking platforms.

24/7 Support

We pride our-self on customer satisfaction. Support staff on call 24/7 to assist you via our easy to use ticketing system and e-mail.


Our dashboard gives you full control over your visitors, pause, change targeting or website at anytime!

Track Your Visitors

Our client dashboard allows advertisers to fully monitor their daily visitors to make sure their targets are being met.

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