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  • Susan A******* (verified owner)

    Good so far.

  • Amy W***** (verified owner)

    This is for web traffic. Ironically, I had no issues with their social traffic. Honestly I'm torn. I don't think it's necessarily anything Traffic Masters did. Traffic is low converting (at least on my site) and I had a problem where people wouldn't interact with my site and would sit on the homepage. They explained to me that this is common with pop under advertising and gave me some advice. I did what was suggested plus I changed my targeting and this seemed to at least help get people to interact with my site. Still cheaper than PPC though and even though I have no conversions yet, I do get valuable insights from visitors that allows me to make changes. I guess we'll see what happens. In the end, they did exactly what they said they would. Drove traffic to my website. Probably would see better results if you can invest in a larger number of visitors.

  • Harri J******* (verified owner)

    Very easy and fast.

  • Peter M**** (verified owner)


  • Mate F****** (verified owner)

    Useful traffic

  • ELENA B*** (verified owner)

    for me is ok, I give only 4 stars because even they said you can control traffic '' pause / resume'', I don t have this option

  • Gusto b****** (verified owner)

    Site went from nowhere to top 200k in a few months

  • Marianne B******* (verified owner)

    Running ads for my clients sites, they are happy with the quality

  • Ashley J****** (verified owner)

    using for my cam room

  • crystal m***** (verified owner)

    fast delivery

  • Adrienne T***** (verified owner)

    Got some new onlyfans subs x

  • Josh T***** (verified owner)


  • cam****** (verified owner)

    very good traffic

  • Andrei A***** (verified owner)

    good traffic

  • Raymond R***** (verified owner)

    Great Traffic. Will use again and again!!

  • Mark R*** (verified owner)

    You will struggle to find a provider that supports its clients as well as traffic masters.

  • Mark K***** (verified owner)

    Fantastic service – we have been running Alexa campaigns for years with steady natural looking growth!

  • Angela S*** (verified owner)

    easy to use

  • Simbo M****** (verified owner)

    Good value with Traffic Masters

  • Cihan E*** (verified owner)

    Basic interface and lower costs per click than adwords

  • Donald C W****** (verified owner)

    Quality traffic at a good price, best for brand reach

  • Debra T**** (verified owner)

    A cheaper alternative for your PPC campaigns.

  • KellieF M**** (verified owner)

    Pales in comparison to the de-facto standard in Search Advertising: Adwords

  • Udai P**** (verified owner)

    Great way to get push traffic to your site or application. We enjoy having Traffic-Masters as a vendor.

  • Udai P**** (verified owner)

    Very quick way of getting website traffic. Thanks for being a partner with us.

  • Udai P**** (verified owner)

    Very quick service & great way to get instant traffic. Will repeat.

  • Abua L***ga (verified owner)

    Flexible to use. But l still have to stop by later after l have got a test of the service l ordered for

  • nch***l594 (verified owner)

    Now running, thats good traffic.

  • nch***l594 (verified owner)

    good traffic

  • Tahcen t**** (verified owner)


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