Content Hacks to Help Drive Traffic to Your Website

If you're thinking about improving your web traffic, content is key. Read this article for tips on how to improve your website traffic through content creation.

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Have you checked how much web traffic you get? Not enough traffic means low visibility and this leads to low conversions. That’s bad for business.
Google updates its complex algorithms on a regular basis. There was an update released this December.

Despite this, learning how to drive traffic all boils back down to one thing: quality content.

It is important to focus on different kinds of content. The variety that attracts visitors and helps Google index your pages.
But what kind of content? If you want to know how to improve your website, start with these 7 content hacks that help drive traffic and boost Google ranking.

Study the Competition

The first step is to look at your competition. If they rank high on SERP, it must mean they’ve got a winning formula and the right kind of content that draws in traffic.
You can use some SEO tools specific for spying on the competition. Some of these include SpyFu, SimilarWeb, and Alexa. Multipurpose tools like SEMrush also include spy applications.
What to look for from your competition? Look at the topics they write, the keywords they use, where they get their backlinks from, and how they engage with their audience on social media.
Don’t copy everything they do – that’s plagiarism and yes, Google has an update to fight that.

Instead, take the concept and create a strategy that replicates what your competition did. Did they make a blog post with images about the benefits of green tea, a product you also sell? Make a blog post with infographics and with better, more factual sources to back up your claims.

YouTube is Your Friend

YouTube has over 1 billion active users per month and videos comprise the majority of consumed content on the Internet. People watch videos more than they read any blog and they share videos more than any other kind of content.

That said, YouTube videos are also a great outlet to drive traffic. If you want to know how to improve your website and increase traffic, you have to get a YouTube account and start producing video content that supplements and advertises your site, products or services, and blogs.

Use Listicles

Want to know how to improve your website with content that is both fun to make and fun to read? One great solution is to use listicles.
Listicles — list articles, like “Top Ten” lists — are popular and some may even find it annoying. The truth is people love reading lists. List articles are easy to read, quick to digest, fun to anticipate, and it’s easier to scan for bursts of useful information.

If you want content that will bring in traffic, throw in a list article every now and then. They have to sound definitive and show your authority on the subject. Vary your list articles too: some can be “Top Ten” lists while others can focus on “Steps on How To” and other DIY topics.

Vary Your Content

A blog will crash and burn if it relies only on written text, even though Google adores text.
Post a video or a marketing poster. Instead of a blog post, why not release a poll to encourage engagement? Create shareable content that not only drives traffic but also gets your audience involved.

The variety shows you’re not a one-trick pony. This not only helps your website connect well with visitors but also shows Google your website is active in a wide range of aspects. If your site has a lot of images, videos, shared links, and polls, it goes to prove your website is active and a trusted authority.

Use Quora and Reddit

Get on Quora and Reddit. Look for niche questions and threads that discuss topics your website should be an authority on. Take the opportunity to not only answer the question and prove your authority but also add a backlink.

Your target audience will get two birds with one stone. They’ll get the answers they want and follow the link to discover more strategies and information. You’ll gain their trust and drive online traffic to your website in one swift move.

This is also a good opportunity for you to study different niche topics you can blog about. Diving deep into Quora and Reddit allows you to see the most current questions people want answers for. Take the chance to be the first site that provides definitive answers, cornering that traffic for that market.

Images and Infographics

Keep in mind that 93% of communication is visual and that 90% of the information brought to the brain comes from visuals. This trumps the information retained from reading a wall of text.
Want to get a message across thousands of people in a matter of seconds? Use an image. With an infographic, which mixes interesting visuals with text, can be even more effective and delivers a more powerful message in seconds.

How does this help you draw traffic to your website? Images and infographics can deliver the following:

  • Boost engagement with audience
  • Easy content for visitors
  • Fresh content for visitors
  • Build authority on a topic

The most important benefit is that it provides content for people searching for easy-to-digest infographics. More people are searching for infographics because of their ease to read and understand. It’s a lot easier than having to read a block of text.

Evergreen Content

One key element on how to improve your website traffic is to make evergreen content. This is content that doesn’t expire. Look for topics that will remain relevant months or even years after you post a blog tackling them.
Keep in mind that search engines, like Google, work in three core steps:

  • Crawling to discover content
  • Indexing to analyze content and keywords
  • Retrieval of pages relevant to indexed data

If Google recognizes some of your pages and posts got outdated or no longer see engagement, it might rank those pages and your site down. Now your page gets less visibility on SERP. To avoid this, focus on posting content that you know will not get outdated for some time.

Learn How to Improve Your Website and More

Creating the perfect content for your website and increase traffic volume is never easy, even when you know what to do. With these content-creation tips, however, you can get an edge over the competition.


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