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Why You Should Buy Alexa Traffic

Alexa TrafficWe have been providing our clients with genuine Alexa traffic since 2008 and have a steady supply of visitors available on our network at any time.

Our Alexa based visits are served in the same manner as our targeted web and adult traffic. We display your website inside a full page pop under window to visitors who are surfing on our network and fall under the following categories : They have the toolbar install on their web browser and they are from the location you selected when making your order.

Why is this important? Well, quite simply, if your website is visited by someone with the Alexa toolbar installed on their browser, then that visit counts as one vote that can be added to your website’s total Alexa ranking.

Your website’s Alexa ranking is essentially a gauge of its popularity as measured against every other website on the net. The Alexa rankings cover everything from the number one ranked page on Google, right down to the newest, least popular site’s on the web.

So, why should your website’s Alexa ranking matter to you? It matters because it is a great way of trying to get your website the edge over it’s rivals. For example, if two websites that operate within the same niche are competing for the attention of an advertiser, then in all likelihood that advertiser, seeing that both websites visitor numbers are essentially the same, would be most likely to pay to place their ads on the site with the highest Alexa ranking.

This means that not only will buying Alexa traffic increase your website’s visitor numbers, it will also boost it’s attractiveness to potential advertisers and thus increase your earnings. It also stands to reason that buying Alexa traffic can also increase your website’s attractiveness to the search engines and may well improve your site’s results page ranking too.

Although slightly more expensive than buying regular guaranteed website traffic, the extra cash required to purchase Alexa traffic is almost always worth it. When you consider just how competitive the online marketplace is, any little advantage that you can grind out for your website, over its many rivals, should be welcomed with open arms.  By both increasing your website visitors and making your site more attractive to advertisers the purchasing of Alexa traffic is a great way of boosting the overall income that your site is able to generate.

What Is Alexa Traffic?

Alexa has been around since the very beginning of the internet boom. Owned by Amazon they focus on collecting and ranking sites based on deep analytical data.

The online marketplace is a very competitive arena. Should you decide to start up your own online business via the use of a website, it is extremely unlikely that you will find your business operating in a field all of it’s own, you are almost certainly going to have a lot of competition to deal with. If your business is going to succeed in the long term, you have to make your website stand out from the crowd in as many different ways as you can.

Website visitors can be a very fickle bunch and if you fail to fully accommodate their tastes and expectations into your website design, you will find online business in big trouble from day one. Thankfully, there is no need to drastically alter your website’s appearance in relation to it’s nearest rivals in order to stand out from the crowd, in some cases it’s better to offer your website visitors something they are already familiar with, the differences that you will need to create to separate your site from it’s rivals can be created in other ways.

One of the best ways to give your website the edge on it’s many rivals is to rise to the top of the search engine results pages and claim the top ranking spot in your niche. This is of course far from an easy feat to accomplish, but it is not impossible. Search engine optimization, as well as benefitting your results page ranking also has the added side-effect of making you get into the habit of performing the general tasks that create a functional and effective website as a matter of course.

Writing articles, building links and maintaining a functioning website are all good habits to get into and the fact that participating in these activities may also increase your site’s amount of web traffic means that you can kill two birds with one stone.

This does not mean that there are not other ways of both increasing your site’s web traffic levels whilst also benefitting it’s overall functionality. One such alternative to the standard search engine optimization practices which can operate in such a way is the practice of buying guaranteed web traffic.

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