Most frequent questions and answers

How Do I Get Started?

Create an order by visiting our homepage or order page. Your account will then be created and login details sent out. After account activation simply log into your dashboard and click create traffic campaign to get started.

Are These Real Visitors?

All visitors served from our platform are real people who are currently browsing millions of websites that we have direct access to. Our publisher network consists of an extremely large network of websites, app developers and social media influencers.

How Long Does It Take To Get Visitors?

We aim to start campaigns the same working day, on average you should have access to your dashboard and start receiving visitors within an hour! Remember, you need to create your campaign inside your dashboard. If no traffic credits have been added after an hour please reach out to our team.

Can I Control My Visitors?

Yes, you will be able to monitor and control your campaign from within your own dashboard at any time. Simply use the daily visitor slider to adjust your campaign. Moving the slider to 0% and saving will pause your visitors. You can also make changes to locations if needed. Please note trial campaigns cannot be changed once created.

Does Your Traffic Convert?

We aim to bring the best visitors to our client’s websites, Conversions will depend entirely on your website content and targeting selection. We recommend having a clear message / call-to-action as you are promoting your site via full page pop under advertising. Trial campaigns are untargeted.

Do You Offer Subscriptions?

You can subscribe to our monthly plans by checking the “subscribe” check box inside our order form. Subscriptions are billed every 30 days and can be cancelled at any time from within your billing dashboard found under our support menu. Traffic credits are automatically added to your account after being billed.

How Can I Track My Visitors

Inside your dashboard you will find a statistics tab that shows visitors delivered. You can also track visitors using Google Analytics, Global Alexa & Global Histats platforms. We do not guarantee other platforms will fully track our visitors.

Can I Change URL

URLs cannot be changed once your campaign is live. Please ensure the web address works before creating your campaign.

How Do I Target Visitors?

Our platform uses Smart AI targeting to automatically select the best demographic possible by scanning your website. We also take into consideration the chosen target selected when ordering.

I Haven't Received My Login Credentials

Login details are sent out automatically after your payment has been processed. Please check your spam folder and white list any mail from our domains. Please note, the email address used during billing will be used to search for any account or create a new one on our platform.

How Long Do Traffic Plans Last?

All traffic plans expire after 30 days of creation. You can renew your campaign easily by purchasing another traffic credit and clicking on the renew button found on the edit campaign screen. Trial campaigns will end within 2 hours or once the maximum impressions have been made.

Why Was My Website Not Accepted?

Trial plans cannot run traffic to affiliate links, free sites, inner pages or websites that have previously been submitted in our database. Some tracking links may also not be supported. Social media pages and sites such as twitch, YouTube and cam sites are also not permitted on our trial plans.

Can I Use Bit.ly and Similar Type Sites?

We currently do not support link shortener services. Please submit the original full link when creating your campaign. Trial campaigns must be domains you own and not redirects.

What Is Your Refund Policy?

We will happily refund any unused traffic plan without question. If you have already created your traffic plan then we cannot process a refund.

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Understanding Our Traffic Plans

Below is a breakdown of each feature.

  1. Maximum Amount Of Unique Visitors.
  2. Increase Or Decrease Your Visitor Rate.
  3. Target Visitors From Specific Cities.
  4. Target Visitors From Specific States.
  5. Target Desktop Or Mobile Visitors.
  6. Choose Referral, Direct, Social Or Organic.
  7. Set Custom Domain As The Referral Site.
  8. Send Visitors During Certain Hours Only.
  9. Plan Accepts Affiliate / Free Links.
  10. Fully Automated Targeting Unlocked.
  11. Fully Tracked By Google Analytics
  12. One Click Campaign Renewal.