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“You will struggle to find a provider that supports its clients as well as traffic masters.” – Raymond G

“We use TM to boost our clients alexa rank, the are happy and so are we” DPD Media

“if your looking for pop under traffic then i recommend traffic masters for price and service” – Ian P

“We have been running targeted pop under campaigns with traffic masters for a long time now and felt the need to leave a review, fantastic team and very helpful” – Mark Knight

“Fantastic Service – we have been running Alexa campaigns since mid 2008 till now with steady natural looking growth!” – Jonathan Creed

“After searching for a reliable pop under provider we have finally found them!” – Sammy Patterson

“We were asked to leave a review of our time at traffic masters, We regularly run amazon estore campaigns with some nice returns! Great staff too!” – Nicholas

“Traffic running for 7 days, This is awesome! I will order more” – Heri H

“Guys….stop beating around the bush or still sitting on the wall to buy some sensible traffic. If you ever wanted quality traffic at rock bottom prices, The quality of this traffic service is awesome and second to none. Highly recommended. I bet you will not be dissatisfied with his service. Thank you Traffic Masters. You rock.” – Christina

“Just went for a 50k package. So far, great service and extremely fast response. I’m happy with it and customer service has been A+” – Digital Point Member

“This traffic is the real deal!! 3rd time I have ordered from them. The traffic is quality and the customer service is amazing! I track everything on GA and the page visits are high, time spent on site is high, and the bounce rate low! Thank you for the service Traffic Masters. Your service and support is above most others here…………I would know, I have tested many (15+) of the traffic providers.” – Digital Poit Member

“traffic-masters traffic has been monitored over the last week by myself for the 5K package with GA on a highly ranked video game related site. I am happy to report that he actually offers one of the better traffic services here on DP. I’ve tested and monitored many so far and his traffic stands out above the rest. Let me explain why…..

1. Frankly….it’s cheap, but the quality is there, unlike most services here!

2. I track via GA, as most serious webmasters should. Most services will track via AWstats, which is inflated 5-10X the amount of uniques you truly receive. I purchased 5K and received 2.5K from the service, which is OUTSTANDING. Most services here will give you maybe 1.5k uniques out of 10k of purchased traffic, only to state they reference AWstats.

3. Stats- 2,500 uniques- 2.34 pages viewed – Avg time on site: 2.34 – Bounce Rate – 78% (very good, close to SEO traffic)

4. Received a lot of Adsense revenue, Clickbank purchases, and Infolink clicks, which all result in $$$ for $5 of traffic.

In conclusion, give his service a try and track through a reputable analytic program like GA or other paid alternatives. You won’t be disappointed. Make sure to use “tracking links”” – Digital Point Member

“I don’t want to admit this as I want to keep this Traffic source to myself but as there’s hardly any reviews I thought I would spill the beans…

Firstly, TrafficMasters is really helpful and quick at replying and will treat your personally not just like another PayPal ID number.
The traffic option I wanted wasn’t available at the time on his website, but he set up a personalized traffic package for me.

So about the traffic…
I’ve brought traffic from many other sellers on DP and hardly any of that traffic actually gets tracked in Analytics something like 0-2% gets tracked, unlike Traffic Master’s where a high percent does. So this is real quality traffic.

Traffic Stats from Traffic Masters tracked in Analytics for the past few days –
Visits 1299
Pages/Visit 3.49
Avg. Time on Site 3:32
Bounce Rate 48.34%

PLUS…For the first time ever I’ve had some conversions!

Great stuff all round, found a Traffic Provider for life now no more searching yay.” – Digital Point Member

“I had a nice boom of business for the seven day package I purchased. Please contact me as I would like to buy more traffic!” – Digital Point Member

“My clients are loving the Alexa traffic!” – SEOkid

“Many thanks for your excellent service.

I have been using this pop-over traffic with great results – if you want 10,000 in ONE DAY visiting your website, it can be done.

I have placed many, many repeat orders and will continue to do so, for the price, it cannot be beaten!” – Tony D

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