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check website traffic free online

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Today we are reviewing free website traffic checker services aka website traffic estimator’s.

Ever wondered just how well your competitors site is doing? Are they getting more visitors than you? Are they targeting different people than you?

Unless your competitor has an “advertising” page that displays their monthly impressions we are going to have to rely on good old website traffic estimator’s.

Luckily there are a few that do this pretty well and best of all for free.

If used correctly, these services can help you get free website traffic by finding out where your competitors strong and weak points are.

So let’s look at how to check website traffic free.

5. SEMrush (7 Day Free Trial Below)

SEMrush Traffic Analytics is the latest released tool within their SEO program section. You can either analyse your website or even compare the source with your competitors. It shows the traffic volume & sources of your competitors or potential partners:

View Traffic Sources in SEMrush

Check Website Visitors By Subdomain

Find out the most traffic-acquiring subdomains of analyzed sites

Traffic by subdomain in SEMrush

Top Landing Pages

check and reveal the most popular landing pages of your website or a competitors easily.

Top landing pages SEMrush

Traffic By Device

Here you can also evaluate desktop mobile traffic split and compare visitors’ engagement by device type, very useful stuff for understanding your audience.

Top devices for website visitors tracked by SEMrush

Traffic By Countries

Here you can easily identify how your competitor performs in different regions and then discover which ones you need to target to be successful

Track visitors by country using SEMrush

Visitor Behavior

It helps to understand visitor’s behavior: visits, unique visitors, pages/visit, avg visit duration, bounce rate and even observe where users go after visiting the domain. This feature really sets SEMrush apart from the competition.

Track visitor behavior using semrush


Easily our favorite platform, SEMrush can really help you understand everything needed to dominate your niche.


7 Day Trial of PRO subscription + Traffic Analytics

Cancel At Any Time! 

2. Similar Web

website traffic checker dashboard for similarweb
Similar web helps you get detailed data from different sites and gives you a comprehensive overview of how a website is ranked. From this, you get to see how the website is ranked globally, countrywide and according to its category.

Similar Web breaks down the data into easily digestible chunks which makes the whole process fast. They also offer a tier paid membership starting from $199 per month to $799.


An easy to read diagram of the top referring sites, also included is the top sites that leave similar web.
similar web top referrals

Search Traffic

Probably the most important section for many. Those keywords your competitor is targeting, the organic traffic and PPC visits.

search traffic found via similar web

Display Advertising

If your competitor is running display advertising “banner ads” you can find the data here.
display ads via similar web


Here we can see which sub-domain, folder and even page is the most popular. Very useful!

top pages of competitor via similar web


This data should match your own if its a direct competitor, pay attention to the tags and see if there’s any your not targeting

find competitors demographics via similar web


It’s always a good idea to know just who your competitors are, similar web makes this an easy process.
finding your competitors for free

Mobile Apps

If the website has a mobile app it will show up here.
finding competitors apps


Similar web provides a lot of useful data that you can actually use straight away to asses your website and competitors. Becoming a PRO member will unlock even more useful data and allow you to check multiple websites.

3. Quantcast

traffic overview on quantcast

Quantcast breaks down each report into 10 different categories.

It has been named the most accurate website traffic estimator; its main aim is to provide the behavior of unique visitors on a website. The website is able to measure things like gender, how long and their frequency on certain pages as well as the visitors age. One of the benefits you will get from this site is that you can track data in real time, this is an important tool as you can monitor changes that you might make on your site and see the impacts.

Quantcast requires that you sign up and place a tracking code on your own website to access its data. Well worth it in my opinion, especially for those who run advertising campaigns and need a better understanding of the type of visitors viewing the website you will be running ADS on.


This data is invaluable when running ads on a website, here we can see that lifehacker is popular with young asian dads who are educated and earn a nice income.
find website demographic


Running desktop advertising on Lifehacker? You may want to consider mobile only as we can see over 75% of visitors are using their smart phone.
is a website more popular with mobile or desktop


Quantcast breaks down the data even further by showing us how engaged each visitor is.

find out how popular a website isShopping Interests

Here we can view the shopping habits of visitors of lifehacker, currently viewing the retail purchase affinity report.
what products do my website visitors buy

Media Interests

Media interest data can be broken down further by streaming devices, movies, music & entertainment.
the media habits of lifehacker

Business & Occupation

Find out which sector your visitors are working with, their revenue and industry.
find out what jobs your visitors have

General Interests

One of my favorite reports on quantcast. Here I can find out what visitors like and which websites they have visited.
what interests your visitors have


Top countries visiting lifehacker, can break this data down further into cities.
find out which geographic visitors are from

Politcal Interests

Self explanatory, this report breaks down any political interests visitors may have.
find out which political party your visitors like


Quantcast is honestly a must have tool for webmasters looking to get an edge on the competition. Even if you don’t have your own domain but run affiliate ads and buy website traffic you should really have access to this if you want to convert those impressions. It does require that you sign up and have access to your own domain however.

4. Alexa

Alexa Interent from 2004
The oldest and first real traffic estimator tool, Alexa Internet has been around since 1996. Originally it was set up to help users find similar websites they may like via a toolbar installed on their web browser.

This toolbar allowed alexa the ability to crawl and archive millions of websites and visitor browsing habits (eventually leading to the creation of the internet archive).
Alexa has sadly been taken over in terms of features by sites offering more accurate data for free. Currently you can find out a websites audience geography, engagements, top keywords, bounce rate and backlinks. Paid membership grants you more access to data starting at $149.

Alexa Rank

Here we have a very basic look at the “alexa” rank over the past 12 months and the sites global and local rank.
Alexa rank for lifehacker


The top 5 locations that visit lifehacker. If we compare it to the quantcast data we can see the top 4 locations are the same.
Geographic data for a website from alexa


Alexa keeps it simple with just three data points, bounce rate, page views per visitor and average time on site.
engagement data for lifehacker

Search Traffic

I would take alexas search traffic data with a dump truck full of salt, we can see the top keywords are very generic and most likely incorrect.
finding the keywords a competitor ranks for


Its free data so I guess we shouldn’t complain, but the “top” 5 backlinks for lifehacker are rather lackluster.
how to find competitors backlinks for free


It was once a fantastic tool but has seen a huge decline in what it offers for free. Alexa pro starts at price $149, and in my opinion you could get a lot more relevant data from a platform such as SEMrush or Ahrefs.

5. Traffic Estimate

Estimated traffic data for competitors website
A simple website that gives out basic information on any website. It seems to grab data by combining other sources and spitting out the results. The traffic pulled for lifehacker seems to be on the low side and the top “keywords” seem to be random and unrelated.


find your competitors keywords


It’s free and only takes a few seconds to run a competitor analysis, the chance of finding any data the others haven’t? slim

Final Thought on Free Website Traffic Checker Services

Our Verdict Checking Traffic
Before going into this I must admit I thought Alexa would still be on top but after seeing what similar web has to offer its clear they are the winner in terms of accessibility and data. Not only is the service free to access its also pretty accurate*.

Getting a rough estimate of another websites traffic in your niche can help you increase traffic and dominate, something every company should monitor.
It makes me wonder whats going on with Alexa internet? Being owned by amazon I thought they would be displaying much more data. Do they not have access to amazon shoppers, fire, kindle and the hugely successful amazon echo owners.

* Third party traffic estimator sites can never be 100% accurate

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