Why You Should Use Visuals in Your Digital Ads

It is important to get people engaged when you are trying to sell something. This article has information on why you should use visuals in your digital ads.

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This this guide we will cover why you should be paying close attention to your digital advertisement visuals.

Digital Marketing Platforms and Effective Technology Promotion

With 93 percent of consumers saying that images affect their buying habits, it’s apparent that visuals are an important part of the buying and selling process.

No matter what industry you’re in, the visual components of your ads will influence your audience one way or another. You need to have strong visuals that also leave room for your viewers to project themselves as users of your products and services.

As the average digital marketing budget has hit $75,000 a year, digital ads are a major player in the marketing world.

The images in online ads have the potential to engage viewers in a number of unique ways. While you can make any claims you want about your products, showing clients what they can do means more than words.

If you’re wondering how visual elements can help improve your next digital ad campaign, here are 6 reasons why they’re important.

1. Grab Their Attention

People have short attention spans, especially when browsing online. If you buy website traffic for your website and your ad copy appears quickly as they scroll by on social media or while scanning an article, a strong image can stop them in their tracks.The point of digital ads is to disrupt the flow of a user’s tasks.

While they may be shopping for clothes or looking up information, your ads serve to suggest they might need your products. Because it can be an unexpected encounter, it’s essential that your ad has a strong visual impact.

You only have a few seconds to get their attention. You’re sure to get it when you use images rather than just words.

2. The Brain Processes Visuals Quickly

Reading text takes time. When you’re looking at an article or scanning through social media, you’re basically scanning for information that stimulates your brain.
Watch someone scrolling through Instagram or Facebook. It might be shocking how quickly they’re scanning through all of that data.

You might not notice this when you’re using the social media channels on your own. Watching another person scan through data and information can be enlightening and even mind-blowing. There’s a lot to see and not a lot of time to see it all.

3. Most Communication Is Non-Verbal

In human conversation, most communication is actually non-verbal. It’s tone of voice, eye contact, hand movement, or even much harder to pinpoint muscular changes.
Humans evolved to read one another for survival. When we didn’t have shared languages, we relied on other elements to understand one another.

Because of this, we privilege the visual. We’ve been looking for predators from afar, for conflict nearby, and even picking the red apple sticking out of all of those green leaves on a tree. We’ve been using visuals longer than we’ve been using words.

4. You’ll Get More Views

Using visuals will get you more views than using text alone. Because of that need for visual cues, once something gets our attention, we’re hooked. We look at an image even more closely and start to scrutinize its value.

Data also shows that users prefer to see visuals when reading text or just browsing. More visual content will give more information to the readers and viewers of your site.
Images are shareable on social media. This gives them that extra value of becoming something much bigger than just an image on a screen.

5. It’s More Likely to Go Viral

Because of that aforementioned shareable characteristic of visual content, there’s a higher likelihood it could go viral.

It’s rare to see text alone go viral. It’s actually more likely that you’ll see a screenshot of text than the original text on its own.

Visual content that goes viral brings in more links to your website or your profile. Those links help raise your overall brand authority. In turn, your SEO ranking will increase and so will your website traffic.

When your SEO ranking goes up, you’ll see all kinds of benefits – both social media and monetary.

More people will start visiting your website as it will climb to the top of search results. Those clicks will beget other clicks and increase your profile immensely.

Once you go viral, you can stay up there for a long time. While viral content tends to spike at one point and plateau, if you seize the moment, you could end up with some repeatable results that build your business.

6. It Boosts Content

Visual elements in your digital ads can help by describing what your text is trying to say.

You can give your content a big boost by using images and videos in your ads. Content takes longer to digest than a simple image or a 10-second video.

Your visual elements can help lend an example to your writing. Not everyone on the planet is a strong writer, which is why visual aids keep your readers focused.

If you’re trying to describe the kind of value that your products can bring, what better way to say it than to show it? Just saying you have a good product isn’t enough. People need to see it.
If you’re creating sponsored content as part of your digital ads, visuals are a must.

Strong visuals will help to break up larger chunks of text and keep your readers at a good pace. It can lead your intended audience from one important point about your product to the next.
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Digital Ads Thrive on Visual Content

Having images with your ads is a must. Strong videos and images help to tap into the emotions of your viewers and give them the visceral feeling that inspires them to purchase products.
Once you’ve made a real connection with your audience, you can begin to sell to them in an organic way. If you are struggling to find good ad ideas then an alternative is SEMrush – they have a great PPC section which will let you view ADS in your niche.

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