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How To Use Our Traffic Generator

Step 1

Place Your Order

Select the your plan type, enter your website URL, demographic targeting and location targeting.

Step 2


New accounts are created shortly after your payment has been approved by a member of our sales team.

Step 3

Campaign Creation

Click on the create campaign button found inside your dashboard. Enter your URL and targeting choices.

Step 4

Monitor Results

Campaigns can be further edited after creation. Pause or resume your visitors at anytime. URLS cannot be changed.

Access Our Traffic Generator

Our self-serve platform is designed to be the best traffic generator available online. It’s easy to use, responsive, efficient and will keep your clients happy.

Our service is perfect for marketing agencies or individuals who require full control over delivering reliable traffic to their clients sites. 

Purchase traffic credit plans as needed.

  • Create Your Own Campaigns – Our self-serve generator platform puts you in control
  • Set & Forget – Set up a monthly subscription and have a steady flow of visitors 365 days of the year
  • Advanced Targeting – We have access to almost every country, state and city available.
  • In-House Reporting – Easily track and share visitor data with clients

Visit our documentation center or reach out to one of our advertising support team members for further information.

Common Questions

How Can I Use Your Website Traffic Generator?

Using the order form found at the top of this page, select a traffic plan, device target, visitor location and demographic. Enter your website address and click order! We accept payments via PayPal, Credit Card & Bitcoin.

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How Long Does It Take to Generate Visitors?

After ordering you will be given access to your own self-serve dashboard. This dashboard lets you set up campaigns using the traffic credits purchased. Traffic credits will be applied to your account once your payment has been processed.

See Campaign Approval Times

What Is Push Traffic?

Push visitors are new and becoming more and more popular as mobile devices have taken over desktop traffic. Push visitors are visits from desktop and mobile devices that have “allowed” a website or app permission to notify them of updates. We push your website straight to their mobile, laptop or tablet. When you order credits for our traffic generator you will be sending push visits to you or your clients website.

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What Will My AD Look Like?

We use a number of different ways to promote your website to visitors on our network.

See How Can I See My AD?

How Can I Track Your Traffic?

Please make sure you have Google Analytics installed as it’s the only platform we will guarantee our push traffic registering with.

See Tracking Your Visitors

How Do I Select A Demographic?

Our platform uses smart AI to automatically select the best demographic from a database of over 800 different options. This makes running campaigns on our network extremely easy. You can target visitors by Country, State & City to really drill down and find those visitors that you need!

See Targeting Your Visitors

What Is Your Refund Policy?

We can fully refund any campaign that has yet to go live. Campaigns & plans that have started cannot be refunded. If this is an issue for you then we recommend not ordering from our platform.