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different methods of buying website traffic

Do you have a website? A product, service or offer that you want to market to the public? Are you interested in publicizing your own personal brand? No matter what has gotten you interested in creating more traffic for yourself, you are in the right place.

For many it is hard to get new and unique website visitors. Maybe you have tried SEO or have run an ad campaign that did not get you the returns you would have liked. Not sure if you should be buying website traffic? What is better? The precision and efficiency of targeted traffic? Or the long term term returns of properly optimizing? And most importantly, what is it worth it for your specific needs?

Everyone wants to make money online, but just like the saying goes, you have to spend money to make money. On the internet, the same rules apply, even if your goals are not necessarily to make money right away. If have been digging through the web looking for the best way to increase the amount of visitors your website gets every day, your search is over.

We are going to break down everything you need to know about online advertising, more specifically, whether or not you should be buying website traffic.

First let’s get a better understanding of what we want to focus on. As a matter of fact, different people have different goals so, first we need to decide what kind of advertising is right for you.

What Kind Of Online Advertising Is Best?

Depending on what the goals of your business, brand or campaigns are, there are a quite a few options for you to consider when it comes to getting more visitors to your website. If you pick the right sources to find traffic, you will maximize your return on investment (ROI).

The main question to consider when asking yourself how you want to increase visitors to your site is, “do I want organic traffic or paid traffic?” In other words “what am I willing to pay?” and “what do I want to get?”

The internet is not the wild west it once was. Putting in the time and energy it takes to generate traffic naturally can come with good and bad.

Despite what you will hear, going the organic or SEO route to get traffic can be costly. Doing so will either take huge amounts of time and effort or huge sums of capital. Just like most things in life, the best things are not free, and our time and effort is included in this list.

Paying for traffic can be very positive or negative as well.

Depending on your goals online, there are a few types of advertising you can choose from. Accuracy and knowing exactly what kind of traffic sources will suit your goals will be the deciding factor as to whether or not targeted traffic will work for you.

Do you want to get more customers? Or do you want to add value and gain influence for your brand? Maybe you are interested in affiliate marketing? Keep your goals in mind while we explore our options for buying website traffic.

What Is Paid Traffic?

Paid traffic is essentially any kind of traffic you can get to your website by paying someone. Sounds simple enough right? Well the answer is yes and no. Let us explain. Yes, because you will be paying someone in order to get unique traffic to your site. And no, because there is a huge variety of ways to do go about doing this. Don’t worry! We will get into more detail when it comes to the types of traffic you can buy.

Paying for advertising online or getting paid traffic can mean different things to different people, depending on who you ask. Ranging from pay per click (PPC) advertising to banner advertisements, even search engine optimization (SEO).

However, what is consistent, no matter who you ask, is paying to get your website visitors is the best way turn a profit or get recognition online.

PPC Advertising

Pay per click or PPC is a very popular method of driving traffic to a website or link.

This is an advertising model that allows you to control exactly how much traffic you will get and from where.

Pay per click advertising sources charge us everytime someone clicks on our advertisement. Our paid advertisement will appear in the top search results of search engines like Google and Bing when people search for the keywords we decide to target. On the up side, this means that we only pay for the amount of times someone actually clicks and visits our link. It is common place for PPC advertisement sources to allow us to set constraints on your ad. This includes controlling what keywords will result in our links showing up on the front page of someone’s search results and controlling the number of clicks you want to pay for per day.

This method of generating traffic is a great way to target specific audiences and stick to a strict budget.

It is important to mention that pay per click advertisers do not care if we convert. In this world, a click is a click.

Who Will Benefit From PPC Advertising?

This type of website traffic generation is best for links and websites that will perform. For example, a personal brand can benefit from the guarantee of visibility. Also, a high converting website for a product or service, with a niche audience, can benefit from the ability to target specific niches.

  • Affiliate marketers
  • A personal brand
  • Social traffic

Social Media Advertising

We all know how powerful social media has become, and more and more so as time goes on. No matter where you look around you, on the street, on the bus, in the office and unfortunately even while driving, almost everyone we see is connected to a smartphone. The chances are, if someone goes in their pocket to check their phone, they are checking on their social media updates. This is why we have seen the social media advertising market grow from an already staggering $23.68 billion dollar industry in 2015 to $51.3 billion in 2018.

Utilizing social media to advertise may be one of the best things we can do to grow almost any kind of business. These platforms are filled quality customers, leads and viewers.

Due to a social media platform’s unique ability to collect data from their users profiles, we get access to laser focused target audience when we pay for traffic on these sites.

Social sources of traffic allow us to pay for traffic and charge PPC and cost per thousand (CPM). The only difference between using social media PPC and search engine PPC is where a user is searching for content. The M in CPM represents the roman numeral equivalent to 1000. When a social source of traffic sell advertisements by cost per thousand we are paying for every thousand impressions. This means that for every one thousand viewers our advertisement is viewed we are charged.

Using social media to get customers, viewers and leads is the most targeted form of advertising. These traffic sources allow us to tap into the data users already have on their profiles. These sources allow us to target our advertisements to profiles that contain specific information.

Who Will Benefit From Social Traffic?

To categorize who is using social media traffic, you have the people who are profiting from paying for advertising on them and you have the people who don’t. With social media’s traffic generation range, targeting capability and versatility, anyone can profit from placing advertisement here.

  • Personal brands
  • Webmasters
  • Affiliate marketers
  • Small business

Mobile Advertising

It is only fit that we cover mobile sources of traffic right after social media driven traffic.

Just like we previously mentioned, people are on their phones a lot now a days and we all know that there is more to a smartphone than social media apps. Other mobile apps, games and mobile websites share a huge reservoir of unique traffic waiting to be tapped into. Mobile sources of traffic will charge similarly to social traffic sources, on a PPC or CPM basis.

Through mobile, we will also be able to provide our potential leads and customers with push notifications, from select networks that allow it.

Who is going to profit from utilizing mobile traffic sources?

The first and most powerful piece of information we have when advertising to mobile users, is the fact that they own mobile devices. In the world of smartphones and tablets, it is best to advertise apps, mobile products and mobile sites.

Who Will Benefit From Mobile Traffic?

  • Affiliate marketers (mobile products and services)
  • Mobile app developers
  • Viral Marketers

Pop Under Advertising

Pop under/pop up paid traffic sources are the hardest traffic sources to utilize effectively but, can pay off when used correctly.

We have all gotten pop ups before. As one of the first forms of advertising online it goes without saying pop ups are some of the least engaged with forms of advertising online.

Pop ups and pop under advertisements work by opening a window in front of or parallel with your potential customer’s desired window. This can be annoying and distracting if done incorrectly. This is why pop traffic is one of the least effective sources for getting traffic, but it is also one of the cheapest. If you carefully target your demographic and ensure your landing page contains no audio / video set to autoplay and no exit scripts you should have a much better engagement rate.

Pop traffic is paid for on a pay per view basis. This is similar to PPC, the only difference is that no one is clicking on anything. Any time a window containing your advertisement automatically opens for a customer, you will pay.

Adult Advertising

The name of this traffic source is explanation enough. However we will explain this one too.

Most paid traffic source will not promote offers of an explicit nature, nor will they affiliate themselves with adult content. This means that in order to tap into this undeniably huge market, you must go to the adult SEO specialists.

Things like adult toys, dating sites, web cameras and antivirus offers do well in this vertical. In order to get quality traffic to offers like these you will be able to utilize a combination of the aforementioned traffic sources, the only difference being the company you pay advertise for you.

Adult traffic is also notoriously difficult to convert unless you can offer the visitor something better than what they are already looking at.

Who Will Benefit From Adult Traffic?

  • Explicit personal brands
  • Webmasters of XXX content
  • Affiliate marketers of explicit products and offers
  • Adult businesses
  • Live Cam Performers

Advantages Of Paid Traffic

With all of the methods of getting visitors to your website above, the advantages depend on you. Because there are so many reasons people want to advertise online, there is no catch all solution to you specific industry needs. However, there is one universal benefit to all paid traffic sources and that is you will see unique visitors as long as your ads run.

When you choose a paid traffic source that aligns with your online goals and meet the following criteria, you will see huge ROI.

  • High Amount of Traffic Available
  • Restrictions, Regulations and Rules Align with your Advertisement
  • High Overall Quality of the Traffic Source
  • Targeting Options Available

Disadvantages Of Paid Traffic

When dealing with unreputable traffic sources we run the risk of running into companies that over promise and under deliver. Some paid sources for traffic will boast of being able to bring thousands of clicks to your website and will only charge a fraction of what the big names in the industry will charge. Be wary of claims like these.

Bots and click farms do exist and prove time and time again to be awful customers. As long as we are dealing with reputable paid traffic sources, our problems will be much simpler. Similar to the advantages of buying website traffic, the disadvantages usually lie in one of two categories.

The first is tied to one of the advantages of paid traffic. With so many unique routes to market, it is not uncommon for us to choose the wrong method of advertisement. Mistakes and lack of research result in low yield and it is very easy to make a mistake, especially when one does little to no research.

One other popular disadvantage to paying for advertisement is the fact that once you stop paying, you stop getting traffic. Now, depending on what your goals are this can be a good or bad thing. If the product or service you are offer is in limited supply this can be a hidden advantage. For markets that operate in a surplus, like most do, this is a huge deal. Working with a small marketing budget is common so, it is often the case that paying for traffic will consume your capital quickly. Something has to be able to be done to lengthen the life of our online advertising right?

This is where search engine optimization enters the conversation.

What Is SEO?

Search engine optimization is the process of adding content to a website in order to rank higher in a search engine’s algorithm for specific keywords. Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo, to name a few, all have algorithms in place that rank website links higher or lower on the page of search results. When looking for certain keywords and phrases, a search engine will place the webpage that has the most content associated with what we are looking for at the top.

For example, when you search the word “google” in the Google search engine, the first link that will appear is google.com. This is because google.com has optimized their website for being found when someone keyword searches “google”.

SEO can be accomplished through adding content that contains the keywords we want to optimize for. Content that can be added containing our keywords are the following:

  • Webpage titles
  • blog posts, articles and descriptions
  • Links to and from other webpages on the internet

As long as all of these are being added to our website on a consistent basis we will also be increasing our reputation in the search engine, which is very important as well.

How Does Targeted Traffic Compare To Organic Traffic?

In order to discuss the disadvantages of paying for website traffic, we have to have something to compare it to. This is where organic traffic or search engine optimization (SEO) comes into the picture.

Mentioned earlier, the major drawbacks that come from buying website traffic is the ability to make mistakes and capital limitations. These two disadvantages are only obvious when we look at what advantages SEO has.

Advantages Of SEO

Optimizing a website doesn’t have the same risk involved that paying for traffic. Just as mentioned earlier, it is risky to pay for advertisements that do not suit your goals online. These mistakes can result in a huge loss in cash, especially if the proper research is not performed.

This risk is lower when optimizing a website to take advantage of getting traffic organically. Any content posted can be added to, edited or removed for better results. Better results that pay off far into the future.

The second major disadvantage of paid traffic is that it is finite. When the traffic source stops receiving payment, our ads stop appearing. This is not the case when optimizing. Any change made to our website will last as long as the website does. This means that the same SEO that is performed now will continue to work for us far into the future.

Disadvantages Of SEO

The main disadvantage of SEO is the opposite of what most might understand. It is common for us on the web to think that SEO is a free way to get quality traffic. However this is often times very wrong. So wrong in fact that it is what put search engine optimization at the biggest disadvantage when compared to paying for traffic.

SEO require massive amounts of time, effort and capital together. If you do not have one or more of these assets, time, effort or capital, you will pay by having the need for the other assets to be in higher supply. If you don’t have capital, expect to be putting in a lot of time and effort and if you don’t have time, you better have loads of cash.

This is all because SEO is extremely competitive.

75% of people do not pass the first page of search results. You really have no control over this source of traffic. Everyone is fighting for the number one spot in everyone else’s search results. This means one day you could be on top and the next day, either due the search engine changing their algorithm or another website out performing you in their optimization, you could be 2 or 3 pages down in ranking.

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Most sites incorporate the best of both worlds. No matter what your goals are for you website or offer, implementing strong SEO alongside buying website traffic will ensure that you get the visitors you are looking for.

SEO will reap long term ROI because once your site is optimized it will continue to rank close to the top of search results. Also, it is safe to say that any traffic you receive from your SEO will be high quality and high converting traffic.

You will build trust and authority in your niche due to large amounts of people seeing your website links everytime they search keywords associated with you.

Should You Be Buying Website Traffic?

Now that we have all of the information the question still remains. Should we pay for traffic to our website? Paying for visitors is a laser targeted way of accomplishing specific goals. We also know that there is no guarantee that our traffic will convert or our leads will be quality if we do not properly utilize our paid advertisements. We also understand that depending on how much time you have, there are traffic generating options that do not necessarily require cash to work.

One of the biggest reasons people fail when trying to drive traffic to their product or website is not every traffic source works for every product.

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