Tracking visitors when running online advertising is extremely important. Find out the best methods when running campaigns on our platform!

Tracking your online advertising campaign is extremely important and helpful to understand what works and what doesn’t work.

We use the URL shortener service for all websites submitted, offer a nice clean interface with daily visitor, referral, and location data.

Using third party trackers like Google Analytics on is own for our Regular, Alexa and Adult advertising options will result in only a small percentage of visitors being logged (our ad servers)

This is a common issue with pop under advertising (regular, alexa & adult) If you require 100% of your visitors to be logged by GA then please select from our premium, social or mobile visitors when ordering.

Regular, Adult and Alexa visitors will match Shortener statistics only. Shortener Analytics

To get a more detailed view of your campaign you can add a “.info” to the end of your submitted URL.

Example: You submit an order to promote the website on our network.

Our system will then shorten this address using to  – you can now add .info to the end of this dynamically created tracking link to get a more detailed view of your visitors

Please note some websites do not allow their URLS to be shortened, this means we cannot guarantee your tracking stats will match ours.