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No Original Content?

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Creating content that is both unique and well thought-out is key to success

Everybody secretly wishes that they could come up with that killer idea that nets them a fortune and changes their lives forever. For some people it is merely a pipe dream, but for some others it is something that can actively be chased and most of these chaser nowadays, choose to do so by creating their own online business. For most, after a short while, the realities of the ultra competitive nature of the online business world tend to sink in, and they quickly give up hope of coming up with something all that new and innovative, but ultimately that does not matter, because as long as their site gets enough web traffic, then they can still make money, in spite of a lack of originality in what their site has to offer.

You see, you could design the greatest website in the history of the world. It could load quicker than any other site, be full of rich and interesting content, you could offer goods and services at prices that nobody else could match, and still, if you do not manage to get any visitors to that site, you will not be able to make any money. The bottom line in business is always money, originality counts for nothing and most of the people throughout the whole of human history who came up with the best ideas found out to their horror, ultimately they ended up getting very little of the credit and usually even less of the money.

Everybody copies. From homework at school, to mimicking our friends to ultimately inheriting many of our parents traits and idiosyncracies, it is human nature. If you are stuck in any particular aspect of your own site’s design, or want to figure out how to make a particular element of your online business work a little better for you, do not waste your time trying to think up some new and innovative answer to your problems, leave that to the mega-corporations who can afford to employ a bit of blue-sky thinking, and copy someone else instead.

Almost every small, independent website that we at Traffic Masters deal with on a daily basis is clearly and obviously, heavily under the influence of some other instantly more recognizable website. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this and we certainly do not hold it against those people who do it, indeed more than a couple of sites which we have seen recently have copied our own site to some extent or another. We still sold them the web traffic that they were after, because even for the sites that are being copied, money is still the most important thing.

Of course, as money is still the most important thing, you should be at least a little careful not to copy another website too much, as if the site in question does see the opportunity, they will try and extort some money out of you for the perceived theft of their intellectual property. This can however, usually be quite easily avoided, especially as you will likely be one in a million people doing the very same thing. For any major website to pick on you specifically for copying their look, well lets just say that maybe you do not have the necessary luck needed to make it in the business world, regardless of your skills or aptitude.

Another good reason to use some other website as your design and business influence is that it can really help towards building a robust trust between you and your potential customers. A truly original design will also be an unfamiliar design to anyone viewing it, and whilst people may appreciate the esthetics of it, they may not be willing to trust the company running it. The fact of the matter is, people have a set idea of what a trustworthy website should look like and if you deviate too far from this template in the name of original design, you may ultimately suffer from a profit margins point of view, as a consequence.

So, the important thing to remember when coming up with the big idea behind your own online business is, that unless you are absolutely certain that your own original ideas are absolutely guaranteed to work, copy somebody else’s. Originality may win you some friends amongst those who enjoy design and variety, but it will not necessarily make you any money. Look closely at the big websites of the world wide web and do your best to get a read on what they do and how they do it, then do the same yourself. So long as you are able to generate enough web traffic for your site, then you should be able to turn a profit and you may well even be helped in doing so, if your site reminds it’s visitors of something that they are a little more familiar and comfortable with.


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