To ensure a smooth ordering process on our network, please make sure your website / campaign complies with the following guidelines.

Advertising Guidelines

To ensure our networks integrity and a smooth ordering process, please make sure your website or affiliate link fully complies with the following rules.

Network Wide Rules: Malware, Illegal Content and Third Party Ad Networks are disallowed on our platform.

If you are unsure if your website complies with our above rules, feel free to contact our support team with your URL before ordering.

  • Websites containing video set to auto-play can only be ran with Mobile, Premium or Social visitors.
  • Websites containing pop ups / pop unders or exit windows can only be ran with Mobile, Social or Premium visitors.
  • Free domains / blogs may not be accepted.
  • Third party Ad networks – e.g, ad.focus can only be ran with our premium visitors and purchased with BTC.