Pop Under Dashboard

Frequently asked questions about our pop under traffic dashboard.

How Can I See My Ad?

Pop Under ADs Your AD will be displayed in several ways depending on your order type Adult Mobile Alexa Web (Desktop) We generate visitors for the above traffic types by displaying your URL inside a full paged pop under window. This is done by either loading a new tab on the browsers device or by […]

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Advertising Guidelines

To ensure our networks integrity and a smooth ordering process, please make sure your website or affiliate link fully complies with our advertising guidelines. These guidelines have been created to ensure your orders are approved and our network consists of only high quality publisher sites. Breaking guidelines may result in your advertising account being banned […]

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Campaign Approval Times

We aim to start orders as soon as possible, on average we will have new orders live within an hour. Our Order Process Order Placed Payment Reviewed By Billing Department Payment Approved Account Created Login Details Sent Campaign Created (Web, Adult, Mobile, Alexa & Social Orders only) Traffic Credit Added (Push Visitor Orders Only) Pop […]

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Targeting Your Visitors

Pop Under Visitor Targeting Our pop under visitors (Web, Adult & Mobile) are targeted using contextual keywords. Every single website and application we have access to on our network has been assigned a keyword depending on the content. Example One of the publisher sites in our network is about the sport golf, they post the […]

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Tracking Your Pop Under AD Campaign

Our pop under visitors (Adult, Alexa, Mobile & Web) can only be tracked via our in-house dashboard or and statistics. A small percentage of Premium, Mobile & Social visitors can be tracked by Google Analytics but we do not guarantee this. If your visitors do not match your or statistics then […]

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How Do I Log Into My Dashboard?

We have two login areas for our clients to control their advertising campaigns. Your dashboard will depend on your order type, you can have multiple accounts on both. Pop Under Traffic Orders If you have ordered adult, alexa, mobile, web or social media visitors then you need to log into our dashboard found here. Self-Serve […]

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Pop Under Traffic Dashboard Explained

Pop under clients do not need to create their own campaigns, its all handled by our platform. After ordering your will be given access to your own traffic dashboard where you can make changes if needed. Welcome To Your Traffic Stats Area Here you can view a list of active and expired campaigns and make […]

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I Cant Log In

Billing Dashboard If you have forgotten your password you can reset it automatically using this link here. Please note, billing accounts are for subscription clients only, log in details are sent out as soon as you complete your first payment. Pop Under Traffic Dashboard If you have forgotten your password or think you have not […]

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What Is Pop Under Advertising

Pop-under traffic is similar to pop-up advertising except the ad window that contains your chosen website / landing page will appear hidden behind the main web browser window rather than appearing in front, or in another tab depending on the visitors browser settings. Pop up advertising is extremely common and many users have quickly learned […]

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