How To Order Visitors

We have tried to make the ordering experience as easy as possible for both new and regular clients.

There are 6 different traffic types available on our network

See: Different Traffic Types

Each traffic type has around 6 different options, demographic targeting, visitor location and run time can be adjusted at anytime after ordering.

The Order Form Explained

the maximum amount of visitors you can order
This is the Total Maximum amount of visitors you want, we will run your campaign until our dashboard / or tracking analytics report this number.


Visitor categories
Select the demographic / category that best matches your website. In the example here the client has chosen “Health – Insurance” for their health plan sign up page.


Choose a country for your visitors
Select the location you want your visitors from, certain locations may have less visitors than others depending on the network.


How many visitors per day
The amount of days you want your campaign to run for. Our platform will set a maximum daily visitor rate that we will try to meet.  Traffic Plan ÷ Run Time = Daily Visitor Rate


URL field for advertising
The URL you want visitors to come to, can you be your own website, affiliate link or social media page.


Subscription Plan

Renew your order automatically every 30 days and receive a discount. Cancel anytime from your billing dashboard.

Order Now

Clicking this will take you to our checkout, we accept PayPal, Credit Cards (Stripe) & Bitcoin (Please untick subscriptions to enable BTC payments)

The Checkout Process Explained

check out name
Enter your email address, first name and last. Please note we will create your account using this email. If you are a returning customer then you can log into your billing account using the link above.
Order Details
An overview of your current cart, you can Edit your cart using the link at the top of your checkout, add more plans.
Billing Address
Please enter your billing details. These must match your registered address with your bank / PayPal account.
Payment Choices
Please select your preferred payment method. We accept all major credit carts via Stripe, PayPal and Multiple cryptocurrencies. Please note, Crypto payments can only be accessed if you uncheck “subscribe” when ordering. You can change this by clicking the cart link found at the top of the checkout page.