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Tracking Your Campaign

Tracking your online advertising campaign is extremely important and helpful to understand what works and what doesn’t work.

We use Google’s URL shortener service for all website address submitted, we have found that their tracking is the best when it comes to pop under traffic.

Using third party trackers like Google Analytics for Regular, Alexa and Adult traffic packages will result in not every visit being logged by GA as it is not suited to track pop under advertising. If a visitor has ad blocking software installed like Noscript this will block Google’s JavaScript tags used to track traffic. If you are looking to improve your Google Analytics visitor data then please purchase our Mobile or Social Traffic. We guarantee to match your purchased amount with your Google Analytics statistics.

Regular, Adult and Alexa visitors will match Google’s Shortener statistics only.

Google Shortener Analytics

To get a more detailed view of your campaign you can add a “+” to the end of your submitted URL or .info

Example: You submit the website www.google.com to advertise – our system shortens this address using goo.gl and it becomes http://goo.gl/pRhV3 – you can now add “.info” to the end to get a more detailed view. http://goo.gl/pRhV3.info

Please note some websites do not allow their URLS to be shortened, this means we cannot guarantee your tracking stats will match ours, these websites include Clickbank, large adult networks and similar affiliate type markets.

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