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Approval Times

Orders are processed as follows:

From Monday to Friday from 9AM till 10PM EST

On average traffic campaigns are activated within one hour of purchase!

Orders are passed onto account managers who individually review each submission to make sure that they comply with our advertising guidelines, campaigns are activated around the clock based on a queue system.

We also monitor campaigns once they are live to make sure websites do not try to redirect to any known scams / illegal content or infected webpages.

During Saturday and Sunday orders are processed at a slightly slower rate. This also applies for public holidays.

If you have an emergency issue with an advertising campaign or payment problem then you can always email our support team with the tag [EMERGENCY] in your subject line.  Please Do not mark emails as an emergency if you have general sales questions or matters that are not truly emergencies.  We understand that each matter you bring to our attention is urgent.  However, please reserve the emergency features for extreme cases.

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