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How To Buy Traffic For your Website

Increasing your visitors shouldn't be complicated or time-consuming. Create your own advertising campaign and drive thousands of visitors to your website with a few clicks of the mouse. 

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Why Buy Website Visits?

Why buy website traffic?

Online marketing is the quickest, most effective way to drive targeted visitors straight to your website.

Our platform will help Increase your chance in sales, brand awareness and reach visitors that are interested in your product or service thanks to our targeting technology.

Simply enter your website address, demographic, location choice and our platform will handle the rest!

Why Buy From ?

Why Traffic Masters?

The Traffic Masters digital marketing agency has over 10 years experience helping clients to grow their brand via targeted traffic.

Founded in 2008 – Traffic Masters is a global leader in providing targeted traffic via pop under promotions to countless businesses in over 300 countries.

Our platform makes the process of buying highly targeted web traffic simple and fast. Gain access to one of the largest managed traffic networks online.

Simply enter your website details and chosen demographic using our order form and our platform will handle the rest. Unlike other providers we have over 600 targeting options (niches) to help you select the best visitors.

Our number one goal is to provide an easy solution for advertisers looking to promote their content to real people and to be the best traffic supplier for our clients.

Ordering highly targeted web traffic has never been easier

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Our Network

We have made the ordering process as easy as possible for our advertisers.

Creating your targeted traffic campaign on our network is easy, fast and efficient.

Simply place your order and log into your dashboard to get access to quality traffic.

Our self-serve platform means you are fully in charge, from creating each campaign to making changes as needed.

Our smart AI ensures a higher chance to achieve better conversion rates and lower bounce rates.

We use a 1/24 rotation rate which means no same visitor will see your content within 24 hours, more unique visitors means a higher chance of increasing your conversion rates.

We have worked hard to be the best traffic supplier, providing the kind of traffic our advertisers love.

Quality web traffic, real people, stress free growth for your online business.

Should you Be Buying Website Traffic

SEO vs Paid Traffic

Why rely on SEO only? Organic web traffic is not only hard it can take on average 4 to 6 months before seeing any sort of movement by ranking for specific products or page searches.

We recommend a mixture of all marketing types (search engines, social, paid traffic) to drive visitors to your site.

Ensure your business receives genuine web traffic from real potential customers by choosing a provider that makes it easy to start to receive human visitors at competitive prices

Using our services we guarantee to boost your web traffic and potentially drive new visitors looking to buy, subscribe or sign up to your business.

Web traffic options that fit your business

Mobile / Tablets

Over 50% of all AD spending is on mobile. Tap into our mobile network.

Google Analytics

All campaigns are fully tracked by Google Analytics

Pop Under Ads

Targeted pop unders are both cost efficient and reliable.


Automatically renew campaigns every month. Cancel at any time!

24 Hours Support

Our account managers and support staff are ready to assist.

Alexa Friendly

Improve your Alexa rank with visitors using the alexa toolbar installed.

Common Questions

1. How Can I Buy Traffic For My Website (s)?

To get started with our platform simply visit our order page. Enter your details & get access to quality targeted traffic sources. We currently support all major credit cards, PayPal and Bitcoin (BTC). Our advertising network is a fantastic way to targeted traffic to your website.

2. How Does Buying Web Traffic Work?

Our business is marketing and driving targeted traffic to your website from countries all across the world. We have direct access to millions of websites & apps via our own publisher network. We get web traffic by displaying your businesses page, affiliate link, social media page to real people using targeted pop under promotions.

3. How Can I Get More Traffic To My Website For Free?

Getting quality traffic for free is a hard process that takes a ton of marketing. Free traffic is essentially organic or social media driven. As a traffic supplier we make it easier for you to get targeted traffic by letting you promote your website on our network. Check out our in-depth guide on increasing targeted visitors in our beginners guide to SEO.

4. How Do You Get Paid For Traffic?

We pay our publishers (website, app owners) for direct access to their web traffic. Rates are dependent on the targeted visitors location and the quality of the web traffic. Publisher sites & apps are hand picked by our dedicated marketing team.

5. Is It Safe To Buy Here?

Our platform is 100% transparent. we give no incentives for visitors to view, click or behave in certain ways when visiting your website. Affiliate marketers should check with their managers if they are allowed to promote their links s via pop under advertising.

6. Is It Worth Buying Web Traffic For My New Website?

Buying web traffic is a fast, easy and safe way to get real people on your site. The benefit of advertising your business is you could be driving visitors to your website within a matters of minutes, compared to the slow process of working on growing your organic visitors via SEO. We recommend all websites try as many ways as possible to increase quality visitors to their sites. 

7. How Do I Select A Demographic?

Our platform uses smart AI to automatically select the best demographic from a database of over 800 different options. This makes running campaigns on our network extremely easy. You can target visitors by Country, State & City to really drill down and find those visitors that you need!

Question not answered? Visit our FAQ page or Knowledge Base!