7 Types of Online Advertising to Increase Your Leads

types of online advertising

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To be honest, lead generation is increasingly becoming one of the hardest aspects of the sales process. The number of competitors is increasing by the day, meaning consumers are faced with several choices.

When identifying and cultivating a potential customer for your product, chances are another salesperson has already approached them with a similar product!
But worry not. However tough things look, there is always a solution. And that solution is to turn to the Internet!

In this article, we’re sharing various types of online advertising you can use to increase your website traffic.

Social Network Advertising

These days, social networks are the jam!
Consider this: Facebook has 1.9 billion monthly users, Instagram has 700 million active users, and Twitter does about 300 million. Other networks such as Snapchat and Pinterest are also pulling in millions of people.

Almost everybody you know has to be on at least one of these social networks.
As a marketer, what does this tell you? If you want to increase your leads, then you should be advertising on these social networks. As of 2015, 96 percent of businesses were utilizing social media advertising, so you can’t afford to be left behind.

However, you need to understand how social networks work in order to make this one of your best performing types of online advertising.
First, you must identify the platforms that will enable you to best target your audience. Next, create business accounts, and then grow your following and social presence. The best way to do this is to post informative and entertain content regularly, and also engage your followers by responding to their comments.

Once you’re satisfied you have a sizeable presence, launch your social advertising campaign. This involves buying display ads and promoting your posts to your intended audience.
Many social networks typically provide tools to monitor the performance of various ad campaigns.

Search Engine Advertising

Even though social networks are aggressively attracting more and more internet users, search engines still take the giant share of website traffic. Google, for instance, handles 3.5 billion search queries every day and commands 77 percent of all search engine traffic. Bing commands about 7 percent.Implement effectively, search engine marketing is one of the types of online advertising that can yield a lot of sales leads.Now the question is, how do you implement a search engine adverting campaign? Here’s a brief overview of what you need to do:

Create a Well-designed Website

The primary objective of search engines is to rank web pages and provide the more relevant and informative content to web searchers.
As such, to run a search engine ad campaign you must have a well-designed, responsive website with an optimized landing page.

Launch a Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaign

There are two ways to get you web pages on the first page of Google and other search engines: Organically through search engine optimization, or through paid search.
Paid search involves selecting a set of keywords that are relevant to your business, product or service, and creating an ad that will appear on top of other results every time somebody searches for the keywords on your preferred search engines. You pay each time somebody clicks on the ad.

While search engine optimization can be as cheap as free, it takes weeks, even months and years to break into the first page. With paid search, you jump to the first page instantly!
But how do your maximize the effectiveness of your PPC campaign? How do you ensure as many people as possible see the ad and click on it?
The answer is simple: get you keywords spot on.

Use tools such as Google’s Keyword Planner (free) or Keyword Discovery (paid) to identify trending keywords in your niche.
The more you get these keywords right, the higher the number of people likely to see, and the more leads you’ll get.

Display Advertising

You’ve certainly visited a web page and found banners advertising a certain product or service. This is display advertising, which ranks highly among the most effective types of online advertising.
If you were not interested in purchasing the advertised product, you will likely feel irritated by the banner. But if you were indeed interested in making a purchase, the banner can lead you to the product you wanted. All you need to do is click on it, and it will redirect you to the advertiser site where you can learn more about it.

That’s from the buyer’s eyes. How do things look like from the marketer’s side?

As a marketer, your aim is to ensure your banners are displayed on high-traffic web pages. There are a few ways to do this:

Directly Contact Owners of High-Traffic Sites You’d Like to Display Your Banners

This is pretty straightforward. It works the same way you would select a television channel to run your ads!
You begin by identifying high-traffic sites that attract the audience that’s likely to buy your product or service. For example, if you sell fishing hooks, you’ll want to find a fishing website with a solid readership.

Next, approach the site owner for an advertising opportunity. Depending on the site’s advertising policies, you’ll pay to display your banner on the site’s pages for a certain period of time.
If you choose the site correctly, display advertising can be one of the best types of online advertising for generating leads.

Let Google Do It for You

Why struggle to find display advertising partners when Google can do it for you?
What’s more, with Google you will have the power to reach potential customers on the web and in apps – across various devices.
Google gives you a couple of options.

You can display banners or text. You can also create display campaigns to run a specific category of mobile applications.
All you will have to do is log into your Google AdWords account, pick a format, create your ad, select where your ads will run and set a budget.
Once Google approves the ad, it will go live on sites where you customers are likely to hang out. Sit back and wait for potential leads to land on your website!

Video Advertising

2017 is the year you should be hitting the record button more than the capture or shoot button!

Videos drive more leads. For instance, did you know real estate listings with video generate 403 percent more inquiries than those without? You don’t have to be a real estate agent to reap the benefits of videos!

Evidently, video advertising is among the best types of online advertising strategies to gain more leads.
Begin by identifying the kinds of videos you want to share with your audience. You can do informative or education posts. If you run a fitness studio, for example, you can produce an informative video on the benefits of hitting the gym often.

Other content types include how-to and visual stories. Quality is crucial, so be sure to invest in recording equipment and editing software, or hire a video producer to do the job.
The next step is to identify the platforms where you want to run the video ads. YouTube should be top on your list because it has over 1.5 billion monthly users. You can also run the ads on Facebook, Twitter or Vimeo.

Email Advertising

Of all the types of online advertising, email marketing has the highest returns on investment. (A median ROI of 122 percent, according to a 2016 survey).
Regardless of this, most marketers allocate a meager 16 percent of their marketing budgets to email marketing, with a huge junk of the dollars going to search engine and social media advertising.
To get started with your email marketing campaign, build an email list. The most effective way to do this is to encourage your website visitors to subscribe to your email list.
Now, nobody is going to give you their emails unless there is a very good reason to do so.

If your site provides compelling content, ask them to join your list so you can send them new content as soon as it goes live. If you’re an online store, you can offer discounts on first orders to customers who subscribe to your lists.

Keep in mind, building an email list is a long-term process. You just need to find ways to incentivize your site visitors to subscribe.
With your list ready, the next thing is to determine the type of campaign you want to send out. You could send a newsletter, marketing offer or event invitation. It all depends on your lead generation strategy.

The success of your email advertising campaign depends on how effectively you craft your message. An attention grabbing header and a compelling call to action are a must.

Pop Under Advertising

We have been providing our clients with a platform to buy website traffic from for almost 10 years. Our network is designed to allow you to target visitors by both location and demographic using our contextual keyword database. You can start buying traffic for your website by visiting our home page and entering your advertising details into our order form.
Our premium, regular, adult and alexa visitors are all generated via full page pop under promotional methods. To learn more about how our platform operates visit our knowledge base!

So this one sort of falls under social media advertising however, instead of advertising through the platform itself you simply create a list of content creators or influencers in your niche and reach out to them directly. You will be surprised how many are happy to post a link to your product or article for a relatively small amount of money. This can work great for YouTube and Instagram infact you may have heard how well it worked out for a certain Kardashian.

Types of Online Advertising: Closing Thoughts

In an overly competitive marketplace, your lead generation strategies can give you an edge over your competitors.
With these different types of online advertising, you now know what you need to do to increase your leads. Find the ones that work for you, and stick to them.
Good luck, and if you have any questions on the various types of online advertising, drop a comment below or get in touch with us.

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