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Website Performing Poorly? Buy Web Traffic

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There is absolutely no doubt that in order for a website to deliver the profits that it’s publishers hope to see, it needs to receive a healthy amount of web traffic on a regular basis. However it would be a grave mistake to assume that just because you are able to generate website traffic for your site, the hard work is then over.

There are no prizes for getting the highest number of visitors, your only tangible rewards when running your own website as a business come from persuading your visitors to buy whatever it is that you are selling. For sure, you will need to find your website visitors in order to make money, but finding them alone is not enough.

How best then to set about finding visitors for your website in the first place?
In the early days of your site, when you are still coming to grips with the day to day running of an online business via the use of a website, the best way to ensure you get enough visitors is to buy guaranteed website traffic.
Buying website traffic is a good idea for two reasons. Firstly it is much quicker to take effect than the two other principle methods used to get visitors to your website. Search engine optimization can be very effective in the long term, but takes a long time to get up to speed and will certainly not be able to generate web traffic for your site in it’s earliest days, at least not at high enough levels to effect your overall profits.

Advertising can potentially work just as quickly as buying web traffic, but there is no guarantee that you will get the number of visitors that you hope for, whereas with the purchase of guaranteed website traffic, as you may well imagine, your visitors are guaranteed. If you buy five thousand visits, you will receive five thousand visits.
The second reason buying targeted website traffic is a good idea for your site in it’s infancy is that the purchase of a high number of unique visitors allows you to make the necessary adjustments required to the individual aspects of your website.

The chief weapon you have at your disposal when it comes to persuading your site’s visitors to buy your products or services is your website itself. It is almost impossible to stress enough just how important a role your website’s presentation will play in the success or failure of your online business adventure. Getting the design of your website right is critically important if you wish to get the most out of the visitors to your website.

By using a good analytics tool you should be able to find out exactly where your website performs well and also where it does not. If you opt to purchase a substantial enough number of visitors for your site in it’s earliest days then you can study what seems to make them tick and greatly improve the efficiency of your website very quickly.
Failure to take advantage of both the option to buy web traffic and the proper and effective use of a quality web analytics tool can lead to a very sluggish start to your website’s operational life.

Web analytics tools are also very useful once your website is fully up and running as they are an excellent way of pinpointing exactly what is wrong with your website when problems do inevitably occur, be it something catastrophic or merely a downturn in your website’s performance.

For many website publishers unhappy with the general performance of their site, there is a tendency to want to avoid getting bogged down by the data offered by web analytics tools and instead they just buy more web traffic for their sites in the hope that more visitors alone will remedy their problems. As a seller of guaranteed web traffic, we at Traffic Masters are only too happy to oblige them, but in the long term this solution is a one way street leading directly to the ultimate failure of their websites.

Buying more visitors will not cure your website of it’s performance issues, it will only paper over the cracks until your problems become to big to fix. The only legitimate reason to increase traffic to your website is if everything is working well and there are greater profits to be made from it.

Instead, use your web analytics tools to assess the performance of each individual part of your website. Compare the effectiveness of your landing pages and do not be afraid to discard the ones which do not perform up to your required standards. Find out which pages have the highest bounce rate and alter them to appear more like the pages that work for you, or if possible discard them altogether.

Beyond the use of analytics tools, pay attention to your visitors feedback in your website’s comments sections and if your website does not currently have a comments section, add one. The opinions of the people who will ultimately use your website and make you money should be valued very highly indeed.

In conclusion, if you find that your website is not making you the money you would like, then the answer to this problem is not to simply get more web traffic. In the long run such actions will only make us richer and ultimately doom your site to failure.

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